The company Telma trade cooperates only with renowned and high quality suppliers. Some of them are:

Blagovne znamke Prysmian Group ( )

Prysmian and Draka, the two leading players in the industry of high technological energy and telecommunication cables and systems, are merged into the world's largest cable manufacturer that generates an annual turnover of 7 billion Euros and employs 22,000 people in 98 factories and in more than 50 countries.


Blagovne znamke CG ( )

CG is one of the largest and oldest companies in the world, which is distinguished by its innovativeness and care for its history as a part of the company is also represented by GANZ Hungary, where in 1884 the first transformer in the world was manufactured. CG has 28 factories around the world that employ 8,000 people and create an annual turnover of more than a billion Euros.


Blagovne znamke ICEL ( )

The company, founded in the 1950s, has become one of the largest manufacturers of NN cables and conductors in Italy and it is characterized by high quality products and fast response to customers needs.


Blagovne znamke TASKER ( )

The brand Tasker of the Italian manufacturer offers a broad range of cables for electronics, industry, and audio and video sectors. The set of over 800 types of cables is continuously updated with new products.


Blagovne znamke TELENT ( )

The company Telent has decades of experience in the field of cable technology, where it handles the development of plans and projects, supply of all necessary components for the construction of private and public cable networks, and the management of rail, road, water supply, city, and other infrastructures.

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