Wide range of cables from the renowned European producers

Indicative calculation of cable section

Cables represent an essential link on the way from the production of electricity through to even more distante end user.

Our company Telma Trade keeps in stock a wide range of the mostly used cables that can be cut to desired length, and delivered to the desired location on the principle of ''just-in-time''. This saves you time and unnecessary distress in the purchase. We cooperate with carefully selected suppliers, ensuring the highest quality.

Installation cables and conductors up to 1 kV

Power cables 1 – 35 kV
High voltage power cables for 110 kV or more
Aerial bundeled 1 kV cables

Bare conductors, RiS

Half-insulated conductors

Rubber cables


Signal cables and cables for electronics


Solar cables

Flame resistant and halogen-free cables

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Indicative calculation of cable section

In lower form you can calculate yourself indicitave cable section you need. Enter your data and program will calculate you required cross-section.

It should be noted that this is an indicative calculation for sizing cables of consumers from the point of supply (main panel) and is not intended for professional use.


Indicitave calculation

Cu 0,0175
Al 0,0294

Tabel of standardized cross-sections

Cable section (mm2)
0,50 0,75;  1,00;  1,50;  2,50;  4,00;  6,00;  10,00;  16,00;  25,00;  35,00;  50,00;  70,00;  95,00;   120,00;  150,00;  185,00  240,00;  300,00  

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